Mold Remediation

Mold Remediation

Maine Mold Removal and Water Damage Mitigation services from trusted technicians in a locally owned and operated Maine company.

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Mold Removal Services

We set the standards.

When you need more than just a cleaning company – put your trust in our team of state-licensed, industry-certified professionals specializing in mold remediation and water damage mitigation.

Mold Removal Services

Effective mold remediation utilizing technological advances and sound safety practices. We offer a traditional multi-step protocol. Dry ice blasting is also available.

Water Damage

Roof leaks, pipe breaks, plumbing leaks, and well and sewer overflows are only some of the causes of water damage. Our extensive array of equipment will quickly remove thousands of gallons of water so immediate drying can begin.

Eastern Mold Remediation is an independent Maine company, locally owned and operated. We value our staff and provide ongoing educational opportunities for the people who work with us. Our technicians are certified. We have a State of Maine Spray Contracting Firm License, allowing us to use EPA-registered antimicrobial chemical solutions. We are fully insured. Our equipment is energy efficient. We use techniques and solutions that are environmentally responsible. Our process is innovative, incorporating technological advances in the property damage mitigation industry.

Mold remediation is the process we use to mitigate or correct damage to your property caused by microbial growth and contamination. Our equipment is energy efficient. We use techniques and solutions that are environmentally responsible.

We frequently use dry ice blasting technology to remove mold from building materials. It is a clean, safe, thorough process. Ask us if it is an option for your space.

We will provide you with a detailed proposal as well as our pricing. We approach our work in the most efficient manner possible for effective mold removal that will restore a safe, clean environment. We are state-licensed and fully insured.

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Our Projects

Our Work Speaks for Itself.

There is mold in nearly every environment. It’s part of the natural world we live in. Most of us inhale and exhale mold spores every day. There are individuals who have increased sensitivity to mold. Extensive microbial growth may be a cause for concern, requiring professional remediation. However, we often encounter situations that require nothing more than a thorough scouring with a disinfectant. If you have work that can be done without our assistance, we’re going to tell you that. We take our work seriously. We value our customers.


Why Are People Choosing Us
For Mold Remediation?

We wanted to have two properties checked for mold. Andrew and Derrick arrived on time and inspected both of them. They were very professional and thorough. They took their time to look over everything and were very honest about not finding any mold. I highly recommend this company if you’re in need of the services they offer. Two BIG thumbs up! Thanks guys!”


These folks took my wet, moldy crawl space and returned a dry, clean palace. If you’ve got mold & moisture issues, these are the professionals to call.”

Rick Andrew

Mold Remediation is expensive. That said, this is a problem that has to be addressed. It’s not going to go away or get better on its own. I had quite the problem under my house. It took me a while to come to (mental) terms with the price tag (although I had 2 other estimates, and they were all similar in price), but I went with this business because they are family-owned, not a franchise, and I was impressed with the son of the owner who came to do my estimate and explain the process and reasons behind the process to me. I felt much, much better about the expense when I saw the amount of men and equipment it took to address my problem! It took a bunch of men 2.5 days to fix my problem. I went down there today, and when I saw that basement, all encapsulated, clean, insulated with foam, with the barrier on the floor, I must say, the words that come to mind are Sistine Chapel! I feel like I should hang art down there and give tours! An incredible, beautiful job. You can tell that the owners take great pride in their work- I mean, how do you call a basement beautiful?!? But it is. Worth every penny; I can say that now! This is the company you want to go with–family-owned, Maine-owned, pride of craftsmanship, working as efficiently as possible to solve your problem. I can’t speak highly enough about them.”

D Dod

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