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Basement Waterproofing Projects

We offer tailored solutions for any basement layout. We design systems to take care of any basement layout.

Eastern Basements specializes in transforming old, damp Maine basements into safe usable spaces.

We pour new concrete slabs over our basement systems to provide customers with a long-lasting, clean, dry space.

We install interior water management systems with options. New concrete floors and reinforced liners provide optimal moisture control in your basement.

We pour new concrete slabs over our interior water management systems to provide homeowners with permanent basement solutions.

Crawlspace Repair Projects

Exposed dirt floors and water accumulation in crawlspaces can lead to structural damage and poor air quality. Call Eastern Basements today to see how we can transform your crawlspace into a safe, clean, usable space.

This homeowner in Corea, ME has used Eastern Basements for many projects over the years. When they bought a home that had a substandard crawlspace encapsulation they knew exactly who to call for a fresh, functional crawlspace encapsulation.

Building scientists say that up to 50% of the air you breathe on the first floor of your home comes from the basement. If your heating system is forced hot air, the air permeates even more thoroughly. Improve the air quality of your home today with Eastern Basement's crawlspace repair service.

Eastern Basements handles dirt-floor basement waterproofing projects using reinforced liners.

Foundation Repair Projects

Don't let cracking, shifting, or bowing foundation walls compromise the integrity of your home. Our carbon fiber straps are 10X stronger than steel for unmatched foundation wall reinforcement.

When foundation walls have shifted beyond the point where carbon fiber will hold them, Eastern Basements has the solution. We install spring loaded steel I-beams against the wall to push it back into place.

Reinforced concrete retaining walls are one way to strengthen compromised foundation walls. Our team has the expertise to assess your foundation needs and the experience to achieve exceptional results.

We replace old, rusty, and leaking steel cellar doors with new pre-primed steel doors. We install pressure-treated framing along the tops of your existing bulkhead foundation walls with Sill Gasket and Waterproof Adhesive to reduce water intrusions and air infiltration.

We provide support post replacement to improve the structural integrity of your home. We replace temporary jack posts, which are often improperly used for permanent support, with steel, concrete-filled lally columns.

We install carbon fiber straps on foundation walls and concrete slabs to not only reinforce the foundation in compromised areas, but also reduce water intrusions.

Sump Pump & Dehumidifier Projects

Elevated humidity in basements often leads to mold contamination. Our top-of-the-line Santa Fe dehumidifiers are specifically designed to handle humid basements so you can rest assured your home is safe and healthy. These units come with an unmatched 6-year warranty and are permanently drained so you don't have to worry about manually emptying the dehumidifier.

Sump pumps are a crucial aspect for managing water in Maine basements. We offer systems that are tailored to the needs of your property. Whether you need battery backup assurance, freeze relief valves, underground drainage, or remote monitoring Eastern Basements has you covered.

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