Basement Projects

Eastern Basements handles dirt-floor basement waterproofing projects using reinforced liners.

We replace old, rusty, and leaking steel cellar doors with new pre-primed steel doors. We install pressure-treated framing along the tops of your existing bulkhead foundation walls with Sill Gasket and Waterproof Adhesive to eliminate water intrusions and reduce air infiltration.

We install interior water management systems with options. New concrete floors and reinforced liners provide optimal moisture control in your basement.  

We provide support post replacement to accommodate new concrete floors and trim/support wooden framing with mechanical fixtures to eliminate the need for temporary removal during basement transformation.

Our team of professionals will cover any exposed brick in your basement to allow for moisture control.

No matter your situation, we will apply the appropriate measures to address your basement.

Mold Projects

At Eastern Mold, we’re experts at remediating mold in crawl spaces. Above, you can find photos of a recent mold remediation project under a homeowner’s crawl space.

We remove mold from wood surfaces after it’s been absorbed into the material, which can be common under roofs due to leakage. Our methods leave building materials looking refreshed and as good as new!

If you have plumbing leaks, they can cause mold to grow quickly, but Eastern Mold is here to help! We will clean the mold, repair the area, and take measures to prevent future issues.

Insulation Projects

At Eastern Mold, we always follow any mold remediation or water damage repair with the appropriate steps to prevent future damage and improve your home’s efficiency. This includes insulation, especially in attics.

Our team of experts will ensure your attic is fully insulated and energy efficient, using premium blown-in cellulose insulation.