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Removing accumulated debris, leaves, rocks, pest droppings and including the crawl space in the building’s thermal boundary by insulating at the rim joist and encapsulating the crawl space will prevent moisture and microbes from rising to the building materials above.
We use fire retardant closed cell spray foam insulation at the rim joists to keep pests from gaining entry and to provide better energy efficiency. Our complete line of encapsulating materials will take your crawl space from creepy to clean in just a few days.

03/21/2018 11:18 – “Before”

04/12/2018 14:08 – “Liner with vertical cement block column support”

04/12/2018 14:09 – “Liner, dehumidifier, ducting, and sump pump”

04/12/2018 14:12 – “Liner, sump pump, and battery box with alarm”

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This is old fashioned service in the best, most valuable ways.



Birch Harbor, Maine

You were honest enough to tell me how to fix the problem myself, thank you!


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The crawl space is clean and dry. Thanks for the great job!


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